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Water level sensor

Water level sensor


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Use occasion:.
Water towers, water heaters, fish tanks, fish ponds, pumping pumps, the sensor automatically stops pumping when reaching the sensor, or pumping beyond the water level, can control high-current equipment base stations, machine rooms, libraries, garages, warehouses, archives, and other important occasions. Normally open normally closed signal output
When the water level is higher than the sensor, the relay will act, the pump will stop working or the pump will start to work, with a normally open and normally closed switch, the relay will act, normally open will become closed, normally closed will become open.
Good isolation: the sensor is separated from the controller, not afraid of water; anti-jamming, high sensitivity, rapid response and other characteristics High sensitivity: accurate detection and no false alarm;
Electrical parameters:
Working voltage: 10 to 15VDC (other working voltages can be customized)
Working current: <100ma

Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC (lower than this range can be used)

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