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Three-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer, mobile phone stabilizer

Three-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer, mobile phone stabilizer


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Bare metal weight: 460g
Whole set (with color packaging, blister, charging cable) weight: 720g
Packing size: length: 33.3cm width: 17cm height: 6.5cm
Accessory weight: Tripod: 38g; Hard case: 234g; Soft case: 154g

Battery capacity (2 sections of 18650, 2*2000 mAh): 4000 mAh
Charging time: 5H
Working hours: 10-12H
Arm part: PPA+Nylon (PPA+BF)
Handle part: ABS+PC
Surface treatment: baking varnish oil
PTZ size: 10.8cm(L)*7cm(W)*28.9cm(H)

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