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10000 mAh wireless induction solar charging treasure

10000 mAh wireless induction solar charging treasure


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Product Title: Tianneng solar panel wireless charging treasure
Core Type: Polymer Lithium Ion Core
[Product Characteristics]: Wireless Charging Function
Three anti-function (waterproof, dust-proof, fall-proof)
Strong Light Camping Lamp (Long Bright, SOS, Flash)
[Solar power]: Polycrystalline (II) 2.86W/ (III) 4.29W/ (IV) 5.72W solar power: 5.5V*0.26A
[Input] DC5V/2.1A
[Output]: DC5V/2.1A (single-port maximum output)
[Actual capacity]: The thinnest is up to 10 000 mAh, the thicker is up to 20 000 mAh.
[Material]: Plastic ABS + PU leather
[Product size]: 2 solar panels = (155*82*15MM)
Three solar panels = 155 * 82 * 20MM
Four solar panels = 155 * 82 * 25MM
[Weight] Product 2 solar panels = (300G)/ 3 solar panels = (345G)/ 4 solar panels = (390G)
[Outdoor Design] Strong and durable structure, dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, built-in 18 LED flashlights, strong/weak light flashing SOS mode, very suitable for camping, hiking, tourism and other outdoor activities and other emergency uses.


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