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1-34 Hole Adjustable Full Drawing Knife Iron Ring Binding Machine

1-34 Hole Adjustable Full Drawing Knife Iron Ring Binding Machine


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Product information:

Machine name: 34 square hole iron ring binding machine
Applicable consumables: double iron ring
Handle type: solid handle
Number of handles: 2
Applicable paper: A4 (Anything below 30CM)
Punching capacity: 15 sheets 80 grams
Binding capacity: 130 sheets
Punch size: 4X4mm
Number of holes: 34 square holes
Number of draws: 34
Margin: 3mm, 5mm, 7mm
Pressure ring size range: 4.8-15.9MM
Ceremonial vessel size: 46U* 260* 350mm
Packing size: 470~200*310mm
Machine net weight: 9.1KG
Machine gross weight: 9.9KG

Scope of application: Leisheng binding machine is widely used for binding documents in graphic shops, schools, offices, printing houses or conferences


The Leisheng iron ring binding machine can be divided into 2:1 (23 holes) and 3:1 (34 hole L). The 3:1 iron ring binding machine is suitable for binding thinner text, and the 2:1 type is suitable for binding relatively Thick documents, convenient to purchase consumables, simple operation, neatly bound, beautiful and generous

Packing list:

Binding Machine*1

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